All games shall be played according to the BCGBA ‘Laws of The Game’, which all clubs and players should make themselves aware of. Matches will be played both at home and away. There shall be eight players on a team. Each game will be won at 21 up.
(a) The two team captains or their appointed deputies will act as referees to adjudicate on disputes.

Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and often on Thursdays.


There is no restriction on practice by the home team. Visitors are not allowed practise on the day of the match unless they are taking part in a bonafide, previously scheduled, a fixture of another league.


Each team captain shall nominate his first four players and execute a card shuffle draw and also recorded by the home team captain on a sheet or in a book. The second four will be drawn in the same fashion and all must be declared by 
8:00 pm. The order of play of the second four will be the choice of the home team’s captain.
(a) All of the visitors will have the first lead of the block.



 All matches to start from 7:00 pm onwards. Four games must be playing by 7:15 pm after which three games must be maintained until completion.
(a) The MC has no objection to these times being brought forward 
proportionately if an agreement to do so has been reached by both team captains.


For matches played in April and on or after 16 August on greens without the benefit of floodlights, subtract one hour from all the times shown in Rule M 5, e.g. start at
6:00 pm and not at 7:00 pm.



The schedule of fixtures will have been published by the MC, at the beginning of the season with reasonable regard for the fixtures that the various clubs have in other leagues, provided such information is available. Except in real emergencies, all KBL fixtures must take place on, or prior to, the published match date.
(a) Provided that agreement has been reached by both team captains, the MC 
has no objection to any matches, apart from team knock out rounds, being brought forward to any date and time, prior to the original published date. The match will then be played on this new date, failing which it will revert to its original published date. The home team captain must promptly inform the GLS, of all changes.
(b) The only circumstances in which a match can be postponed is if, at the original published date and time, the green is unsafe to play on. This could be for a variety of reasons including very severe weather. If green is found to be unsafe, then the home captain must inform the GLS immediately. If a match should be postponed for this reason, then within three days the home captain must offer the away captain a choice of three alternative dates that are not more than 28 days after the original published date, (14 days if at end of season) and preferably much sooner, on which to play the fixture. The away team captain then has three days in which to accept one of these dates. The home captain must keep the GLS informed of all developments. Should the match fail to be completed within 28 days, the MC will choose a date and order the match to be played then.
(c) The home team captain should make every effort to give prior warning to the away team if green is obviously unsafe to play on; thus preventing unnecessary travelling.

(d) If a green becomes unsafe to play on after a match has started, then the game scores achieved at the time will be noted and when the match continues those games will resume at the same scores with the very same players. If two or more games have not started, then a further shuffle card draw will take place, in which any valid substitute players may be used.


A player must start off playing for the team with which he was originally registered, or for a higher team, (there is no restriction on playing up). If after having played four games for say, the ‘B’ team, the player has a minus (see below),
the aggregate score then the player can play down for the ‘C’ team. Then if after having played four games for the ‘C’ team, the player has a minus aggregate score, for the ‘C’, then the player can play down for the ‘D’ team. Should, for example, this player then play a fifth game for the ‘B’ and becomes, not minus, with the ‘B’, he can no longer play for either the ‘D’ or the ‘C’, until such a time as he becomes minus, with the ‘B’, etc. Note he can, however, play for the ‘A’ team at this point if invited. Thus having played four or more games a player becomes, ‘Stuck’, with the highest team he is not minus with.
N.B. For the purpose of this rule plus or minus refers to the player’s average at midnight on the day before the match is played. Note, the term, minus means any minus number. Note also, plus means any number from and including zero (scratch) upwards.
All players are advised to keep track of their averages (available on the web site) and advise the team captains if they are not eligible to play for them.


A player can only play in one match during one calendar day. The exception to this is that, if a club has more than three teams registered and any three of those teams are playing on the same day, then players initially registered for that club's lowest team playing on that day can play twice, once for one team and once again for another team, on that day. The provisions of Rule M 8) however, must be strictly adhered to.


Following a match, each captain will record the scores on the sheet or book where the original draw was recorded.
(a) Each player must be correctly identified as actually registered (this can be done via the KBL Website).

(b) Both captains to sign the sheet/book.
(c) The result should then be entered into the KBL Website, It is the responsibility of the home team captain to enter the result of the match on the KBL website before Noon the following Saturday.


The team having the highest total aggregate for all matches shall be champions in each division.
(a) With all matches completed, the team recognized as divisional winners will be decided by:

(i) The team having the highest total aggregate points (being the sum of each player’s score for each match). THEN-
(ii) The team that has won the most games. THEN-
(iii) The team with the best overall performance in the two head to head matches. THEN-
(iv) In the unlikely event of two or more teams still being tied at this point, the MC will quickly organize a 
play off with eight players per side, on a neutral green.
(b) The above will also determine the entire finishing order of the division, including who gets relegated.

(c) The champions and runners-up of each section shall be promoted and the two bottom teams shall be relegated. (The MC will always strive to reward success.)
(d) Except that the MC shall have the power to deviate from this rule if new entries or withdrawal of teams threaten to compromise the divisions.



In all competitions, excluding the League Championship and the TKO, which are played within the umbrella of the KBL the following, will apply:


In all Knutsford qualifying and final rounds of individual or pairs competitions, players will be struck out if they are not available to
play, when called upon by the competitions secretary or his deputies at any time after the published match start time.





All teams in the KBL are eligible for the TKO Competition which will be handicapped by the MC according to a formula linked to each team’s performance in the league competition in the previous year. The TKO will be played on neutral greens.
(a) A draw for the competition will be made by the competitions secretary in conjunction with the GLS the neutral greens will also be decided by means of a draw.
(b) The first round will be played on the week prior to the start of the League season (as determined at the AGM). Games will be played on the Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.
(c) The second round will be played during match Week No 6, which is set aside for this purpose.
(d) The remaining rounds, up to and including the semi-final will be played after the League season has finished on the Tuesday or Wednesday following the finish of the league.
(e) The final will be played on a date deemed appropriate by the MC, Once decided it will be published on the KBL Website


All TKO Matches take precedence over scheduled league matches.
(a) Teams conceding their matches, (or attending the match with less than five players, will be fined £20, as well as paying their own and the oppositions’ full greenage.


All clubs will make their green available to the visiting teams if and when required. The clubs whose (neutral) greens are selected will ensure that jacks and footers are available on the green for the commencement of the match and oversee the progress of the match.
(a) Club secretaries will inspect the list of TKO dates, as soon as they become available, to determine if their greens are required.


In order to be eligible to play in the competition, a player must have played in at least two league games before 2nd Round.
(a) Players to play as registered in the League. Players can always play up, but cannot play down at any time, even if minus average.
(b) Players are allowed to play for only one team in any one round but may play for a different team in the next round.


In all TKO rounds, the captain of each competing team will, in advance, list his players in the order he wants them to play, 1 through to 8. Both sheets will then be married up. Then play will and must continue in this order, three games being maintained until match completion.
(a) Captains to toss a coin; the winner will choose whether their odd or even numbered players have the 
first lead of the jack.


If any match is postponed due to the green being unsafe to play on that match will be played on or before the following Thursday, on the same green.
(a) If after eight games any match results in a tie, then four further games will be played on the same night at the same venue, the four players nominated by each captain. The team handicaps will be half of the originals.
(b) The winning team Captain shall enter the result of the match (once agreed by both captains) on the KBL Website by Noon of the following Saturday.




This is the premier individual competition of the KBL. The final day (last 32) is played on the August Bank Holiday of each year. All entry fees, sometimes more, are returned as prize money. The competition also generates at least £1000 shared between 10 local charities as identified by the MC.

(a) The draw for the competition will be made by the competitions secretary in conjunction with the GLS.

(b) The venue of the preliminary and final day’s play is decided by the MC, and shown on the KBL Website.


Open to KBL registered players who have played in at least three league games before the date of the preliminary rounds.
(a) Player handicaps will be determined by the MC and will generally reflect the division that the player is registered for, and whether or not they are home players. The last year’s winner will be of zero (SCR).

(b) Players must apply on the entry form provided by the KBL which must be received by the GLS on or before an appointed date as advertised on the KBL Website.

(c) The player’s entry fee will be determined from time-to-time by the MC. Their club will be invoiced.


Every player, receiving a bye on any day of the competition will be offered five practise-ends (a feel of the green) before their first game on that day if they are to play an opponent who has already played a game that day and thus benefited from the practice.


This being a charity competition every effort will be made, with good grace, to raise revenue for the benefit of the charities.
(a) Admission will be by the programme only; these will be on sale both in advance and at the gate.
(b) Every club will receive five programmes to sell on. These will be invoiced for as usual.
(c) There will be a raffle on the final day. Every KBL club is to donate a raffle prize, delivered to the venue in time for the draw on that day. Failure to comply will attract a fine considerably greater than the likely cost of the missing raffle prize.




(a) The draw for these competitions will be made by the competitions secretary in conjunction with the GLS.
(b) The venue of the preliminary and final day’s play is decided by the MC.


Open to KBL registered players who have in the current season, have played a minimum number of league games, before the date of the preliminary rounds:
(a) Four league games for the Walter Baskerville Shield
(b) Two league games for the Len Gallimore Trophy
(c) Players must apply on the entry form provided by the KBL which must be received by the GLS on or before an appointed date as advertised on the KBL Website.
(d) The player’s entry fees will be determined from time-to-time by the MC. Their club will be invoiced.


(a) Each pair must be registered with the same club.
(b) After the entries are received one player may be substituted but after the first game has been played the pairs must remain the same.
(c) Preliminary rounds will be played on various neutral greens.

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