1.   All matches for Clubs with floodlights start at 7/ At Clubs without floodlights matches during April, August and September to start at 6/ Home Captains to decide whether to play 4 or 5 blocks.

2.   No practice allowed by either Home or Away teams on the match green after 5/ Anyone breaking this rule will not be allowed to play in the match.

3.   That a programme of fixtures of all matches to be arranged and a copy of these to be distributed to all affiliated clubs at the Annual General     Meeting Any mutually agreed alterations must be notified to the Fixture Secretary no later than 31st March by the Home team.

4.   Visitors to lead the jack which must be standard. All games 21 up. Four jacks must be maintained.

5.   No player may play for more than one Club with exception of a club withdrawing from the league when players may transfer to another Club taking their average with

them. Matches played by the withdrawing club will be void.

6.   Any team playing a defaulter or non-registered player shall lose 21 chalks. Also, the offending player’s score shall be deleted from the match and his/her opponent’s card shall read 21-0 and would be classed as a win. A fine of £5.00 per offence will also be imposed.

7.   Home and away captains to jointly complete the score sheet with both Christian and surnames of their respective players. Names to be printed and both captains or nominated team member to check and sign the score sheet. Where players are changed between teams, captains to indicate which team the player was registered with. Home team Captain must post score sheet by first class post or e-mail to Fixture Secretary no later than the day after the match is played.   Failure to do this will result in a fine of £4.00. League positions and other information can be obtained from the league website.

8.   Captains to declare teams in order of play prior to the start of the match. All declared players to be present when called, or a reserve must be substituted or the game forfeited, anyone refusing to play an opponent after the draw has taken place will be deemed as absent and 21pts awarded to their opponent. If a team is short of players then up to 2 players will be allowed to play twice, providing that the shortage is declared before the draw is made and then all players cards to be placed face down and the opposing captain to select 1 or 2. Those players will be offered the chance to play twice, if he/she accepts then they will play 1st and 2nd and then 9thand 10th. Their second score will not count towards their average but will count towards the team's total score. Their second opponents will be allowed a 6 end roll up, If they decline to play twice then 21 chalks will be awarded to the opponents. A team may use this rule a maximum of 3 times in any 1 season.

9.   Match scores to be based on the number of chalks scored.

10. MATCHES CAN ONLY BE POSTPONED DUE TO POOR LIGHT, INCLEMENT WEATHER OR ANY UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. All postponed matches MUST BE played within 28 days of the original fixture date. Home Captains to inform the Fixture Secretary of the new date. Final decision to postpone matches to be made by HOME CAPTAIN OR GREENSMAN.

Any team experiencing any problem re-arranging a game must inform the Fixture Secretary within 10 days of the original fixture date and he, in turn, will call a Management Council meeting.

11. That promotion and relegation be on the basis of two teams relegated from Division 1 and two teams promoted from Division 2. Two teams relegated from Division 2 and two teams promoted from Division 3. In the event of a team withdrawing from the League, one team to be relegated and two teams to be promoted from any affected division.

12. In the event of a tie, playoff on a neutral green.

13. There is a prize in each division for the leading lady and leading gentleman with most wins. In the event of a tie average will decide.                           Walkovers will count as a win but not towards average.

14. Strike out when called, for all competitions.
15. That any matter arising and not embraced by the above rules to be settled by the

Management Council, whose decision shall be final.

16. Clubs with 2 teams
A player will be allowed to play four times for the A team and still be eligible to play for the B team at any time during the season, A player             having played more than 4 times for the A team will only be allowed to play for the B team, providing he or she has a minus average. Only 
two players will be allowed to play for teams as outlined above in any one match. A player may play for both teams on the same day subject to the above criteria being adopted and for a maximum of 4 games during that season. Penalty for infringement: offending players’ score to be deleted and their opponents’ card shall read 21-0. And the Club fined £5

17. In all matches, the captains or their nominee’s to act as referees and have sole control of the games.


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