Membership is £15.00 per season
If you are interested in joining the club please fill in the form below and we will send you a Membership Application Form.

Hale Village Bowling Club.

We are committed to safeguarding your personal data and will only use it as defined by the Data Protection Act.

If you become a member of the Club you will be granted access to the Members' Portal which contains pages that are for the exclusive use of members. One of those pages is a members directory where members and club officials can look up the name of a member, their telephone and mobile numbers and email address. We do not store your address details on the website database.

By having these contact details it keeps our communication costs down considerably. and it enables the club to keep you informed about club business and future events which might be of interest to yourself.

If however, you prefer your personal details not to be stored, do not tick the box at the end of this paragraph.

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