When I started this project I wanted to try and get both the history of the Green and what I thought would be the history of the two old clubs. I did not realise that the Ladies were a completely separate Club. I also did not know that the Hale Bowling went defunct in 1978 and did not reform again till 1981, in essence it could be said that there were different club at different periods of time under the same name. Then off course you have to add Hale Veterans' into the mix.


I like to thank the following people because without their help none of this would be possible.

Sue Gardner

My own personal proofreader, who manages somehow to translate my Yorkshire scribblings into acceptable English.

Sheila Hesketh

For completely demolishing my original thoughts, which were totally wrong and pointing me in the right direction.

Jean Hines

For again pointing out what was initially wrong and helping with photos and information and for finally tracing the Ladies Minutes Book which has helped a lot.

Anne Perrett

Who found a photograph in the Pavilion that pushed the research back to 1929, the furthest we had managed too get back to and also for passing on the old paperwork mainly from Hale Bowling Club and a little from Hale Veterans' Bowling Club.

Joyce Bishop

I spent a couple of hours with Joyce who helped me enormously. She has a  collection of books and memorabilia which far out do what even the Sale Reference Library has to offer. She is also a fountain of knowledge about Hale and the early years I was researching and was more than helpful.

Phil Parker

Phil found some records/minutes in the Clubhouse which I was able to use.

Carl Harrison

 For a lot of information about the trophies and where they came from.

Frank Wild

Dorothy Firth

Again, another fountain of knowledge about the early days of the Clubs.

Someone who knows an awful lot of history of Hale Bowling Club and was happy to share that knowledge.

Roy Prince

Who kindly handed over the Minute books, from his long tenure as Secretary of the Hale Bowling Club.

He also explained many things that were not clear and provided backgrounds for some of the entries in the books.

There are still some questions to be answered, some dates need clarifying, and some names need to be added or completed.

The histories have all been put together so they can be added to or edited, should more information come to light.

So if you have any more information please pass it on. IF WE DON'T RECORD IT, IT WILL BE LOST FOREVER!

Les Duce

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